Interview with Elise Bagger

Elise Bagger is a groom at Menhammar Stuteri. She thrives on the varied, seasonal work that revolves around horses and their wellbeing: “Everything here has its charms but, of course, it's especially homely to be on foal watch and to see the foals grow up!”

“I’ve been working at Menhammar for four years, prior to which I attended Forslunda Upper-Secondary School for Natural Resource Use in Umeå, specialising in horses and trotting. For me, the interest in horses was probably always there. I’ve owned my own horse all my life basically and competed in show jumping and dressage. However, it was trotting that really gripped me; it was exciting and enjoyable to try something new! I worked as an instructor at the Solvalla Trotting School for a while.”

Why did you choose to work at Menhammar?

“Being at Menhammar feels like coming home, I really love it here. First and foremost, the environment is magical – for a confirmed horse girl, it’s like a dream! I had heard positive things about the farm from various quarters before I started working here and now I can only agree. There’s a warmth here and a genuine love, both for the horses and the employees. In my experience, they are keen to ensure that the co-workers are happy, which is priceless – there’s an atmosphere of being needed and doing good.”

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

“It’s a varied workplace – as grooms at the stud we really get about, from rounding up the stallions to assisting with insemination and foaling. Everything here has its charms but, of course, it’s especially homely to be on foal watch and to see the foals grow up! We are involved from the start and part of the foal’s world from the beginning – and, of course, I follow ‘my’ foals a bit more avidly when they get out on the racetrack! Since starting here I have learned a great deal about horses, not least how they interact with one another in a natural way.

Our work varies with season – always with emphasis of the horses and their wellbeing. We make sure that the stables, paddocks and loose housing are clean and tidy, take care of the foals and yearlings so that they feel secure around people and when being handled.

We are a great bunch of people who work well together and help each other – we have fun together and laugh a lot. It’s easy to have fun when you share the same interest! We’re like one big family.”