While this land has been home to one of Sweden’s most successful and prestigious studfarms for over 70 years, the farm itself dates back several centuries further. The land around Menhammar has been farmed for 800 years. The attractive location close to the water, the proximity to Stockholm and the fertile soil have combined to make Menhammar an ideal location for horse breeding and farming.

At Menhammar gård on Ekerö, the heart of Menhammar’s operations, the stud stables some 70 broodmares with foals, around 80 yearlings and six stallions. In addition to this, Menhammar also keeps broodmares at the close by farm Granskog and Lindby at Adelsö and also at Stoner Creek in KY, USA. The racing horse stable, Yttersta is also located at Menhammar Gård, Ekerö, where first-class training and racing operations are conducted under the direction of trainers Pasi Aikio and Lisa Skogh. The facility trains both Menhammar-bred and other horses. In total, around 55 people are employed on the farm.