Interview with Lisa Skogh

Lisa Skogh, a racehorse groom at Yttersta, dreamed of taking care of real star horses, a dream that was fulfilled when she started work at Menhammar as Maharajah’s groom!

“Menhammar is quite simply paradise for a horse girl like me.”

“I’ve been working as a groom for racehorses at Menhammar for 11 years. After specialising in horses at upper-secondary school, I worked for a trotting horse trainer in Värmland for several years. I also worked with racehorses in both the United States and Canada before starting at Menhammar.”

Why did you choose to work at Menhammar?

“It was an easy choice when I was offered a position as groom to Maharajah among others. It was quite simply a girlhood dream come true! To be able to care for a real star horse was a fantastic opportunity and there is no one quite like Maharajah, he is a wonderful horse! We have a special bond and I now follow the progress of his offspring and their successes throughout the world. Horses have been my life since I was old enough to say the word ‘horse’ – I just like everything to do with horses.

We are close-knit here on the farm, we help one another and we are like one big family. Of course, we all have the same interest so it’s very much a lifestyle. I feel like we have the best of everything here – from breeding to training, from pasture to stables – all in tip-top condition. Everything at Menhammar is well-organised, which is good for both people and animals.”

So, what does your normal working day look like?

“The day starts with letting the horses out; we have an automated feed dispenser so breakfast is finished by then. We take muck-out, sweep and clean the stalls and plan the training. Then the daily training session begins on the round track or the trail through the forest. We train until lunchtime, when both the people and horses eat. Then we care for the horses; give them massages, wrap their legs, give them all a little TLC. We pack and prepare for going to races and travel.”

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

“Without doubt, the most enjoyable part is the horses! Making sure the horses have everything they need and that they feel good. The beginning of spring, when the three-year-olds make their debut, is an exciting time for all of us. It is always great to see a horse that surprises everyone when it gets out on the track. Especially when I might have been the groom of both its mother and grandparents – that is so incredible to follow!

The worst part is when a horse is sold or dies; well, they become like members of the family.

This is no normal job: even at home we talk about horses, so it really is our life.”